Caregiving should be treated as a public good, not a private obligation

I am a single mother by choice. A year into my new dream job at a major university in New York City, I decided to start a family.

February 26, 2021

Resolving Childcare Challenges During COVID-19

An industry essential to the economic health of the state, childcare still needs assistance amid pandemic fallout.

New Jersey Business Magazine
February 25, 2021

The Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Unemployment statistics can’t capture the full extent of what women have lost.

The Cut
February 1, 2021


COVID’s Impact on Home-Based Child Care

How COVID impacted home-based child care, the need for public support and investment in child care, and the increased importance of high quality, accessible child care for families.

Reimagine Child Care Roundtable

Reimagine Child Care Town Hall

A panel discussion on the child care crisis happening in NJ and the country and what needs to be done in Trenton to help make sure our youngest children and their families are receiving quality, affordable and reliable childcare.

New Jersey’s Child Care Staffing Crisis

Meghan Tavormina, President, New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children, discuss how low wages and COVID closures that have led to the staffing crisis in the child care industry and the impact of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan on child care.


State of Child Care

There are zero states in the United States able to provide child care assistance to the majority of families who need it.