Child Care is Still in Crisis.

Affordable child care should be within reach for every family that needs it. Join the movement to reimagine child care.

Reimagining Child Care in New Jersey

We need child care for every family that needs it, flexible options to meet their needs, and financial support to reduce costs for families. When quality child care is available and affordable for every New Jersey infant and toddler, our communities and economy will thrive

ACNJ applauds the efforts of State Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz to #ReimagineChildCare.

Read about the package of legislative bills Senator Ruiz announced that would invest $360 million in child care.

View a brief one-page explainer on how state leaders can resolve the child care crisis.

View Op-ed on how little New Jersey invests in our youngest learners.

The Pandemic Has Worsened New Jersey’s Child Care Crisis.